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October 19th, 2018

John Perricone Conference
“know thyself—know thy students”



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You may register for a Teacher Center workshop by telephone or by e-mail.
Please note that some workshops have registration deadlines and limited class size, so register early.
If a conflict arises and you find you are unable to attend a workshop for which you have registered, it is imperative that you let us know. We appreciate your professional responsibility and courtesy to both the Teacher Center and the presenter in this type of situation!

To register for any program listed here, unless otherwise directed in the course description,
call the Teacher Center at 607-739-3581 (ext. 1142) or 607-281-3172. 

You may also register by e-mail:

If you are interested in a particular topic we are not addressing, call us!
If you would like to share your expertise in a particular topic, call us!